Everyone has influence and the
ability to create positive change.
When you improve your leadership, you impact
lives, churches, businesses, governments,
schools and families,


Influence 2017 is a community of leaders committed to bringing the Kingdom of God to earth. Representing businesses, governments, schools, non-profits, families, churches and other spheres of influence, we declare it is our responsibility to fuel our passion and sharpen our leadership skills as we strive to create the future God has imagined for our world.


Influence 2017 is a world-class experience for leaders who want to get better. Everybody has influence and the responsibility to lead well. When cultivated in a culture of Christ-centered leadership, your influence can change lives and the organizations in which you lead. Leaders worldwide leverage the Summit to sharpen their skills and to unleash the full potential of their teams.

Join more than 400,000 leaders around the world at Influence 2017.

Influence 2017 is not just an event to attend, but a resource to be leveraged year round.

Don’t miss :

  • World-class faculty presented via videocast
  • Live worship
  • Networking with like-minded leaders
  • Facilitated process time to help you apply what you learned